Monday, January 12, 2015

Victorian Earring Wires

Victorian Coral Jewelry from Morning Glory Antiques
Despite the fact that mid-Victorian earrings could be quite intricate and costly in design, the earwires themselves were very plain. 

Regardless of whether the earrings were expensive upscale jewelry or cheaper middle-class bling, the earwires were plain wires. 

Most were the simple, open ‘shepherd’s hook’ wires. Occasionally one will see a pair with a tiny arm on the back of the earring to catch the bottom of the shepherd’s hook, but the majority are simply open-hook backs. 

Posts were not invented until the 1900s so the authentic Victorian look is definitely plain wires.   
Turquoise and Carnelian Victorian Earrings
from Morning Glory Antiques
If you take a look at the earrings I have listed in my Etsy shop, you will notice that I am following this design regarding earring backs. While not exact reproductions, I do try to make my earrings in keeping with ‘the look’ of the era. 

Reenactors and living historians will look more authentic when they follow small details such as these. It’s the details that make up the ‘big picture.’

Notice that the pair of antique coral earrings in the top photo has the tiny arm to catch the bottom of the ‘shepherd’s hook’ wire. (You can see it on the right earring in particular.)

The pair of antique carnelian and turquoise earrings in the second photo has just the simple ‘shepherd’s hook’ wires.

Another antique earring set showing the plain 'shepherd's hook' wires is this antique gold and pearl pair. (I can't credit it because I think I saw it on eBay and no longer have the link!)

Below is a pair of Victorian style earrings that is currently in my shop. You can see that I've tried to follow the historic fashion by keeping the simple 'shepherd's hook' design. 

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